Saturday, April 9, 2011

Microscopic look in to The DNA Of Success System

You are born with a special DNA to achieve what you want in life. The lack of awareness of the fact doesn't mean that it doesn't exist. It simply means that you are not aware of it.

This DNA is not something you can look under a microscope the Success DNA is present in your sub-conscious mind. Your job is to uncover the hidden DNA and tap in to it's infinite potential to make more money, to improve relationships, to improve health and all other areas of your life.

Visit The DNA of Success System Website to uncover it

Jack M. Zufelt, the creator of this program goes directly to the source of all our problems and shows us how we can resolve internal conflicts and make conscious and sub-conscious minds to work together to achieve our goals.

This program has received rave reviews from customers and many self help gurus

Here's one from ~ Jack Canfield, coauthor of the #1 New Yourk Times bestselling Chicken Soup series

"The DNA of Success System" is a masterpiece about the true cause of achievement. Jack Zufelt successfully challenges the standard concepts about success, demonstrates that we all have the DNA of success embedded within our hearts and souls, and then shows how to pull it out and use it to create any level of success you want."

and another one from Robert Schuller

"We all need that winning ability. It is possible to have it and Jack Zufelt can help you get it with "The DNA of Success System."

one more from Brian Tracy, author of Eat that Frog

"The DNA of Success System" is wonderful, uplifting, and inspiring... full of practical wisdom and guidance you can use to achieve all your goals."

Need we say more head over to the website mentioned above and start uncovering your Success DNA.

Get Paid - Become A Professional Organizer

Professional organizers help businesses to grow and get paid for it. Sometimes the fee is a flat rate and sometimes they get paid a percentage of profits. For instance, a consultant helping a business to increase profit from 80,000 to 120000 can expect to get paid $2000(5% of increased profits).

You don't need a business degree to become a professional organizer. Anyone with a pleasing personality and right attitude can succeed in this business.

Imagine being paid for suggesting a few changes here and there and compare that to a 9 to 5 job where you have to put in long hours and do the mundane work everyday.

The program available at Becoming a Professional Organizer Website covers everything you want to know about becoming a business consultant. You don't have to rent an office to set up a consulting business.

In this program you will discover insider secrets like

- Day in the life of a business consultant

- Comprehensive coverage on business plans, licensing and more.

- Setting your fees based on market conditions.

- How to promote your business and establish your name in the market.

- Business & time management techniques and strategies to keep things running smoothly.

- Tips about goal setting help, organizing,record keeping, hiring and other business related areas.

You will also get fill-in-the-blanks templates and forms for starting your own business.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Bad Breakups - Forget Your Ex In Just 24hrs

You keep thinking about your ex every moment and every minute the pressure keeps building up, you feel like you are about to explode. You wonder how come your ex can be so cruel.

Well, many people have experienced the same type of feelings you are going through.

Someone who was deeply in love with a girl said "I'm reduced to a thing that wants Virginia"

This state of mind is good if your ex understands you and loves you but if he/she doesn't care about you anymore you don't have to play the matyr.

You have only one life and you were not born to wail and moan you are supposed to enjoy your life.

The only thing that is stopping you from enjoying your life now are the thoughts about your ex. It's just an illusion and if you come out of it you can see it's not after all a big deal.

When we catch cold we take medication but when we are worried we hardly do anything about it. Especially, worrying over a broken relationship can make you depressed and may even paralyse you.

You need to come out of it as quickly as possible. Forget Your Ex in 24 hours ebook offers guidance for people on overcoming this problem. You can download this ebook from Forget Your Ex in 24 hours Website.

The author of this ebook himself was going through a bad break up. His case was much worse, his girl never had any plans of living together all along but pretended to be in love with him.

When he discovered this fact he couldn't control himself a whirlpool of emotions assailed him after several days of excruciating pain he researched ways to get rid of the problem and finally found a way to not only forget about his ex but to completely erase all kinds of thoughts that reminded him of his ex. Two thumbs up for an ebook that helps people to get out of frustration and guides them to lead a happy life.

In this ebook you will discover

- How to just get over it: forget all the ex junk, and start a fresh, new life.

- Find out how to be happy again.

- Apply these same techniques to other areas of your life for improvements and help your friends and loved ones, too.

- Learn to control your emotions.

Finally, you can stop texting and calling your ex and discover how to become a confident person that no longer needs approval of others.

Defend Yourself with Martial Arts Secrets

Learning to defend yourself when confronted with drug addicts or robbers is a valuable skill that will come in handy till you get help from others. You don't have to knock out your opponents like Rocky Balboa but if you can defend the blows for a few minutes and possibly knock your opponents down to buy some time you can save your life and the life of your loved ones.

Visit Martial Arts Secrets Website for details

The creator of this program is a former street fighter. The techniques are useful in street combat which is often unorthodox. He has trained in martial arts for the past 20 years and has a blackbelt in Judo and Taekwondo.

If you have already taken classes in martial arts you can learn some interesting self defense techniques used in street fights. Even if you are new to martial arts you can learn it from scratch from this program.

The following modules are covered in this program

- How to stop a fight before it even begins.

- 10 ways to win street fights

- The 5 main problems with most martial arts systems today.

- Main components of cross training you need.

- 5 main issues with women's self defense

- How to make legal homemade weapons

- How to use your body as a natural weapon.

- Quick training to be ready fast.

No experience necessary/Age no bar/Male/Female suitable for everyone with a moderate physique and good health.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Gary Vurnum's Success Philosphy and Motivation ebooks Review

If you are turned off by pop psychology and want to discover the real secrets of success then you will find this interesting.

Gary Vurnum has devoured the books and life of winners to find what makes people really successful and he is sharing his findings on his Motivational and Self Improvement program.

Visit Gary Vurnum's Website

He is nicknamed as the 'Napolean Hill of this decade'. Gary started researching about success strategies to help his son with special needs soon he found that the strategies can be used by anyone irrespective of their current social or financial standing.

He believes the following are the major areas where one need to focus on if they want to succeed


The program comprises of a 208 page Success manual, a 87 page workbook and a companion audio to reinforce the concepts by doing some exercises. Finally, you can learn the real secrets of success by reading the ebook but if you also do the exercises in the workbook you can't help but succeed in life.

As a bonus you also get a membership Law of Success for the 21st Century forum. You also get audio recordings of The Law Of Attraction For Non-Believers, The Law of Success by Napoleon Hill and The Science of Success. And get The Hidden Secret In Napoleon Hill's "Think & Grow Rich" in a free report.

Improve Your Memory Review

If you have been told that a good memory is a special gift then you have been misguided. While it's not possible to improve memory in acute cases the majority of people can improve their mental faculties to remember names, places and dates.

Meet Sten M. Andersen he holds a Bachelor's Degree in Cognitive Psychology and he has researched extensively about memory and it's impovement. Mr. Andersen is the creator of the ebook "Memory, How to Develop, Train, and Use It." The ebook provides valuable information and exercises for improving memory. Parents can also learn some techniques to teach their children on improving memory. Visit Sten M. Andersen's Website

The ebook includes the following chapters

Memory: Its Importance
Cultivation of the Memory
Celebrated Cases of Memory
Memory Systems
The Subconscious Record-File
Phases of Memory
Training the Eye
Training the Ear
How to Remember Names
How to Remember Faces
How to Remember Places
How to Remember Numbers
How to Remember Music
How to Remember Occurrences
How to Remember Facts
How to Remember Words, etc.
How to Remember Books, Plays, Tales, etc
General Instructions

The ebook comes with a 8 week money back guarantee so there is no risk for you to try the techniques in the ebook. You can now forget about forgetting:) and start surprising your friends with a super power memory.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Dino F. Ruales' Mind Zoom Affirmations Software Review

If you are familiar with subliminal messaging then you have probably heard about the popcorn advertising experiment done in cinema halls.

In the 1950s, a man named James Vicary flashed subliminal messages to 'eat popcorn' on the theatre screens and the sales of the popcorn increased exponentially during the intervals.

Since then, psychologists have been testing the use of subliminal messages for various uses. One such breakthrough is the Mind Zoom Affirmations Software. This software delivers subliminal affirmations while you work on the computer everyday.

It comes with pre-loaded affirmations for different purposes and there is also a customization option available where you can load your own affirmations and set the frequency of the messages.

This product is created by Dino F. Ruales. The software once installed works silently in the background delivering safe subliminal messages.

Sometimes, we tend to get too absorbed while working at a computer it's more like a trance state akin to hypnosis.

Imagine seeing an affirmation in that state. it's like planting a suggestion in a hypnotic state where it directly reaches your sub-conscious mind.

The goal of hypnosis is to by pass our conscious mind that filters each and every thought and to communicate directly to our sub-conscious mind. The software does that by taking advantage of the waking trance states.

You can use this software to quit bad habits, improve self-esteem, get motivated or improve any other area of your life. Visit Mindzoom Website for more details.